New and improved Greenland Mineral Ressources Portal

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved Greenland Mineral Resources Portal.

Discover the improved web portal for minerals and geological insights, with a new and fresh layout, access essential data, maps, and reports with a new table of content. Get access to data with more download facilities and web services, as well as documentation and metadata for each dataset.

More features will come in the future and will be announced.

Improvement of mineral occurrence layer

A new version of the mineral occurrence layer with improved content, styling, details and functionality has been added to the interactive mapviewer. WMS and WFS services are also updated. The old layer has been removed.

Geophysical surveys made free for download

All geophysical surveys that previously were sold have been made free for download in our webshop. This includes all regional and semi-regional datasets from the Aeromag and AEM projects.

New Greenland diamond exploration package

The new diamond package collates exploration history and sampling data from across Greenland, doubling the size of previously compiled data and featuring new discoveries over the last fifteen years.