About MMR

The Ministry of Mineral Resources (MMR) is responsible for strategy-making, policy-making, legal issues, license assessment, approvals and inspections, and marketing of mineral resources in Greenland. The Ministry deals with geological issues through the Department of Geology.

The Department of Geology provides geological advice to the Government of Greenland on issues relating to exploration and exploitation licences, licence applications, guidelines, mineral and petroleum policy and strategy. The Department of Geology carries out high quality geoscientific studies together with both Greenlandic and international research partners to increase understanding of the geology, mineral and petroleum resources of Greenland. Such studies are important, particularly in underexplored areas, to generate new exploration interest and expenditure.

The Department also runs and attends international marketing events to promote investment in exploration in Greenland. For further information see http://www.govmin.gl/

MMR’ main office

Imaneq 4, P.O. Box 930
3900 Nuuk

Mail: mlsa@nanoq.gl
Phone: +299 34 68 00