The Greenland Mineral Resources Portal is an entry point to all available information about mineral resources in Greenland. It gives mineral exploration companies, scientists and other interested parties access to data, reports, maps and scientific background information about the geology of Greenland.

Interactive GIS-map of Greenland

The GIS map allows searches in several databases (themes), based on geographical position. You can inspect and download search results straight away as metadata and pdf-files. Data downloads are availabe from the web shop.

Available data
  • Company reports & GEUS survey publications
  • Descriptions of mineral occurrences, intrusions and magmatic complexes
  • Airborne geophysical survey coverage
  • Stream sediment geochemistry
  • Ujarassiorit mineral hunt samples
  • Digital geological map (1: 500 000)
  • Georeferenced geological map sheets (1: 100 000)
  • Updated topographic map data


15. May 2023

New geological map of Greenland in 1:500.000

GEUS has just published an updated digital geological map of Greenland in scale 1:500,000. The new map is based on 14 digitized map sheets covering all of Greenland with amendments in specific areas.

03. March 2023

Improvement of mineral occurrence layer

A new version of the mineral occurrence layer with improved content, styling, details and functionality has been added to the interactive mapviewer. WMS and WFS services are also updated. The old layer has been removed.

14. January 2022

Downtime Tuesday, January 18th 2022

The webshop will be updated on Tuesday, January 18th 2022 from 9.00 CET. It is expected that the webshop will be unavailable until 12.00 CET.

02. March 2020

Geophysical surveys made free for download

All geophysical surveys that previously were sold have been made free for download in our webshop. This includes all regional and semi-regional datasets from the Aeromag and AEM projects.

20. February 2020

New Greenland diamond exploration package

The new diamond package collates exploration history and sampling data from across Greenland, doubling the size of previously compiled data and featuring new discoveries over the last fifteen years.

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